Cycle Snap Bike Storage

The easy way to park bikes and save space

Bike storage and organization has never been easier to use or so affordable. Cycle Snap allows you to park your bike vertically or horizontally, it's a snap!  


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This product is great! I highly recommend it! Easy to install. The only hardware needed were the 2 screws that come with the package. The sturdy plastic clamped onto my hybrid bike’s tire with no issues and held fast. I plan on ordering another one for my road bike as it’s super easy to park and unpark my bike from the wall, which isn’t always the case as I am a 5’3” female. I store my bike vertically against a wall & have had no problems. Very durable!

Truly a “why didn’t i think of that” kind of product. I’ve been using for several weeks with my mountain bike and it works like a charm. I really like how there is no undue pressure on the wheels/tires using the cycle snap, as oppose to other bike hangers I’ve used in the past. I sorta didn’t expect it to work so well given the lower cost and simple design but was pleasantly surprised.

I bought this for my brother to use in his tiny studio apartment. I think it will be a real space saver. It arrived quickly and feels like a good quality item. I gave it to him and he was glad it came with nice long screws to mount it to the wall!

I’ve used this for a few weeks now, and it works really really well. Super simple and easy to install. Make sure it’s in a stud, and you’re good to go. I’m using it on 25mm tires, and the wheel slips in no problem with a strong hold. Love these things!
— R.M.



Every single Cycle Snap comes with a lifetime guarantee. We stand behind our product which we are proud to make in America. We love Cycle Snap and know you will too.



Cycle Snap was invented by a Dad, Joey, in Texas who was tired of he and his wife having to picking up their kid's bikes all the time.

He wanted a bike rack that was safe for kids to use, so they could independently store and remove their bikes. He needed it to be affordable because he needed six of them to hold all of the family's bikes. He needed it to be strong, so designed Cycle Snap using high strength plastics which make it so strong, it's guaranteed for life. 

Now, Cycle Snap is the only bike rack that's safe for kids because the back wheel never leaves the ground, is easy to install, is made in America and costs less than a delivery pizza.